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Our organic Edison wheat is traceable to farmer and field. We worked hard to source the best quality wheat that was farmed with the highest environmental standards in mind. We’re sourcing directly from regenerative farmers that are dedicated to restoring the soil and the wildlife corridors that surround the farm. They are also community leaders that work to protect and enhance the local community, and contribute to research in partnership with their local university agriculture extension programs. Healthy soil also means more nutrient dense food for you and me!

Our crackers are made at a climate-friendly bakery in Washington, just a couple hours down the road from where our wheat is grown. The manufacturing facility is LEED Certified with 100% of their energy coming from green power sources. They also avoid food waste by donating imperfect crackers to a local food bank and any food waste to an animal feed manufacturer.
We always want you to experience optimal deliciousness, so we put a “Best By” date on the bottom of every box. Eating the crackers by this date will help ensure the best flavor and texture! Once open, you can keep your products fresh by rolling up the bag of crackers tightly and securing it with a clip or rubber band. This keeps air away from the crackers, ensuring freshness for all your food adventures.
On the side panel of every package, you’ll find all our helpful nutrition facts. Or, visit the product page and check out the Ingredients section for more information.
We’re committed to climate-friendly packaging. Our recyclable paper carton is made from 100% recycled materials (please don’t forget to recycle – we need you to do your part, too!) Our interior plastic bag is recyclable anywhere you can recycle plastic grocery bags (typically in-store, not curbside) and we are making a public commitment to use a home-compostable interior bag in the future.



Our team at Naked Hippie Snacks is always happy to answer any questions about our products and receive feedback. We’d love to hear from you


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