About Us

All Naked Hippie bars, granolas and jams are made with natural ingredients that are low

in sugar and high in nutrients. You won't find any gums, lecithins or ambiguous "natural

flavors" anywhere. Feed your inner hippie.


snack bar recipe



From a desire to lead a healthier lifestyle, the idea for Naked Hippie Snacks was born. After a year of trial and error (and lots of taste-testing) the recipe was perfected into the nutritious and delicious bar it is today. We are so proud of the products we have developed. Give them a try; with one bite, you too will begin to crave what you need.

What makes our snacks better?

For starters: the bar’s omega-3 fatty acids aid in reversing your body’s wear and tear. Unlike other snacks on the market, Naked Hippie snacks do not contain refined sugars, soy or preservatives. We only use natural ingredients in their original form, combined to bring you tasteful, healthy and guilt-free bars and granolas to enjoy daily.